Avoid Deadly Comparisons
12 Sep 2016

Avoid Deadly Comparisons

How To Avoid Deadly Comparisons

How To Avoid Deadly Comparisons


People will always have an opinion about you and make comparisons! Really become aware of what people say to you regarding your voice and whether what people around you have to say adds to your value as a singer or detracts from that! The goal is to stay centered always, in any situation.

When you have healthy thoughts about your voice, your voice responds accordingly and you end up being able to access parts of your range and flexibility you wouldn’t do if your brain was awash with negative thinking.


These are the key things to note:

  • People who make comparisons about you, usually make comparisons about themselves. Let people’s comparisons inform you of how they treat themselves, rather than it being about a statement about you.
  • Even positive comparisons against other singers from others are a distraction from your internal value. Remember, your value isn’t to be found externally (by looking at others). It’s to be found internally. You aren’t valuable because you’re a better singer than somebody else. You’re valuable because you have something amazing to bring to the stage! Full stop!
  • If you’re the person who compares you to others, it’s a sign that you need to plug in more to your value! Everything you need is already on the inside of you!

Make a list of what you appreciate about yourself as a performer and read it to yourself every day! This will help you develop, healthy, whole love for yourself as opposed to just being arrogant. Arrogance, by the way, is the opposite of loving yourself. It’s a shield very fearful people use to hide the fact that they’re actually petrified of being found out that they’re not that valuable after all. Which isn’t the truth, of course. We are ALL valuable!


Watch the video below for even more tips and share, like and comment if it helped!

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