You Don't Have To Be Overworked & Overwhelmed

I get it. You’re an artist and you’re sensitive about your music. It’s the reason why you started in this industry.
You’ve been creating hits and the next thing you know, life became a blur of awards shows, promo, video shoots, photo shoots and tours. You didn’t bank on how much this would impact your personal freedom. You’ve enjoyed your successes but sometimes the industry drama gets you down. The sales figures, the politics, the social media trolls, the lack of recognition from the awarding bodies. 
Don’t ever lose the passion you had for singing before you ever became known in the public eye. Learn to drown out the constant noise. You have NOTHING to prove to ANYONE. Stop competing for that number 1 spot. It takes all the joy out of it! Do it because you love it. I don’t want you to just do well. I want you to be well. It’s time to sing.grow.happy.
Because the voice is a biological instrument within the body it responds to everything you respond to. If you’re stressed, tired, anxious and nervous it tightens, it can get dry and you end up singing from the least supportive places in the body. And that’s just a tiny part of it.
On stage you sound great. My wish for you is that ON AND OFF stage you’re so balanced and centered within yourself that you can navigate all the stress of working so hard, the industry drama and stay calm, stress and fatigue-free AND slay the vocals effortlessly! You don’t have to be overworked and overwhelmed.
I’m Sharleen Linton and I stand for recording artists like you being vocally EXCELLENT and psychologically equipped to stay balanced and centered in the music industry.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve toured the globe and sung with superstars such as Smokey Robinson, Adele, John Legend, Nile Rogers and many others! In that time I saw that there wasn’t anybody in the team to help the artist move past the specific challenges they face and yes, I’ve been compassionately frustrated about that on your behalf! I’ve also designed and delivered courses, vocal training and masterclasses in music schools nationwide since 2003.
I am a Vocal Therapy Coach (Psychology BSc) and a qualified EFT Practitioner. EFT (or tapping) stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a psychological form of acupuncture (without the needles). It’s used to release negative emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY. Vocal Therapy Coaching is a powerful combination of EFT and voice training. You’ll be amazed how quickly the voice responds and your ability increase ON THE SPOT because you’re using the correct technique AND you’ve let go of the negative state of mind which was holding your voice back!
You are the reason why I set up my company, My Vocal Therapy. You can find out more about me here.
If you are a recording artist who isn’t singing effortlessly, growing exponentially AND incredibly happy in this industry then I am here to help.


"Sharleen is an incredible coach. Within 5 minutes of speaking with her, I knew I'd found a special coach. There are coaches and then there are coaches. Not only is she perceptive, open and experienced enough to tell what each client needs support with, giving a very thorough and tailored approach; she also is highly intuitive and amazingly supportive. So, she takes a holistic approach and therefore not only helps clients get to the crux of the vocal matter, but is also able to locate other areas needing attention that also impact vocal function." Sarah. Artist

This is how you can Sing.Grow.Happy in 90 Days!

Artists usually get coaching when their voice is already exhibiting problems. Take action NOW so you don’t have to cancel shows because you’ve damaged your voice!

Once you know how to practice the 6 steps to Sing. Grow. Happy it will TRANSFORM you, your voice and your career! 

**Your voice will simply sound better and it will be effortless! 

**You’ll notice your voice is stronger and more flexible with a huge amount of stamina.

**The things that used to stress you out will cease to have power over you. You’ll handle things with more ease.

**More people will value your message, love your voice and buy your music 

Over the next 90 days, I will work with you to help you explode to the next level by helping you enhance your vocal skills and bust negative thought patterns and vocal issues that limit your vocal delivery and help you to navigate all the stress the industry throws at you!
It’s time to sing. grow. happy.


  1. You’ll be able to access every single part of your range with clarity and control when you want it, on command! You’ll even be able to rely on your mix register when you’re feeling fear or fatigue
  2. I’ll show you hacks to use so you release nervousness IMMEDIATELY and you won’t ever have to strain your voice, especially if you’re already feeling tired or anxious. You’ll be way more relaxed when you sing!


3.  Your voice will develop new vocal chops and flexibility and your breath control will expand. You will feel your voice grow in stamina and it won’t wear out when you need it most! No more cancelling shows because you need voice rest! 

4. I will show you how to improve your vocal delivery ON THE SPOT with a few powerful tweaks! Growth doesn’t have to be slow and gradual!


5.  No matter what drama and politics the industry throws at you, no matter how hard you work, you’ll remain peaceful, calm and stress-free with a few techniques! 

6.  Don’t let the outside world stress you out! The sales numbers, the haters, the critics and the social media trolls. I will help you stay balanced and centered through it all!

Why 90 Days?

Artists usually get coaching when something has gone terribly wrong with their voice or their vocal delivery. It’s my job to help you pre-empt that. Rather than booking one-off sessions, 90 days gives you and your voice space and time to make significant change.

This is how I'll support you over 90 days:

**6 x MVT One-to-One Sessions – Face to face I’ll be able to help correct your technique, release anything troubling you and help improve vocal delivery on the spot. We can set goals together and then I’ll help you smash the heck out of ’em! (RRP £1,782)**

**4 x MVT Skype Sessions – Before your shows you don’t have to suffer with nervousness or stage fright. I’ll help you release it quickly and easily. I’ll warm you up and we can talk over anything you need to in order to stay calm and in a beautiful space in your mind. You’ll have an incredible time on stage! (RRP £588)**

**6 x MVT Gig Prep Sessions – I will come to your rehearsals and/or your soundcheck and give you proper vocal technique which will improve your vocal delivery immediately. I’ll check in with you as to how you’re feeling too. Anything negative will get released powerfully and immediately. You’ll feel poised, ready, rehearsed and you will KILL your shows! (RRP £3,900)**  

**3 x MVT On Tour Days – I’ll be on hand throughout the day to assist you at promo gigs, I’ll give you proper technique to speak in interviews to save your voice and I’ll warm you up thoroughly for your shows. Anything negative that comes up for you emotionally, I’ll be on hand to help you release it. On the spot!   (RRP £2,541)**

**1 x MVT Studio Session – I’ll help you harness proper vocal technique and help you release any fear or stress so you can get the most authentic vocal with minimal takes. I’ll stay with you during your entire session to guide you so you’re incredibly happy with the finished product. Time well spent! (RRP £647)** 

          **All services can be tailored to your specific needs!


**3 x Pre-Stage MVT Skype Sessions where I will use EFT to eliminate your pre-stage nervousness**

**24/7 Email support**

All services are provided with the utmost discretion and confidentiality to protect your privacy!

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