Voice, Acceptable
4 Jan 2017

How To Know If Your Voice Is Acceptable!

Voice, Acceptable

How To Know If Your Voice Is Acceptable!

Even seasoned singers worry about whether their voice is good enough or acceptable and entering into the industry can seem daunting. When it comes to singing and making your dreams come true using your voice, several psychological barriers appear. Truthfully, there’s a temptation to scope out the land, as it were, and assess your voice in comparison to other session singers out there who are achieving their dreams to see if your voice fits in with theirs.

As you’ll know from Session Singing Secrets: The Beginners’ Guide To Professional Session Singing¬†one of the very first steps to making consistent income using your voice is to get out there and get to music events which help you make friends with the professional community you’d like to become a part of. Check out the rest of the ebook for free here for more steps.

You get to your event, say an open mic night, and you listen to the calibre of singers and you wonder if your own voice is acceptable (especially if the crowd is responding to them very positively) and several fears can pop up:

  1. I sound NOTHING LIKE THEM! *cue panic mode!!!*
  2. They do lots of riffs and runs (for example) and I don’t sing like that!
  3. [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Tweet This!” icon_type=”social foundicon-twitter”]The crowd went nuts for their voice and I sound nothing like them! I’m up next! HELP! @myvocaltherapy http://bit.ly/2jalk80 [/otw_shortcode_content_toggle]
  4. If I don’t sound ‘like them’ then I won’t work as often as they do!
  5. If I don’t work as often as they do, how can I financially support myself?
  6. If I can’t financially support myself then this won’t work out for me!
  7. Forget it! It won’t work! I’m not going to try! The desk job is safer! *dream deferred*

Check out what I had to say to a caller who had a similar issue on a past Session Singing Uncovered: Live session in the video below.

Session Singing Uncovered: Live is an online hangout where I get to coach you directly and troubleshoot where you’d like to go in your career and help you achieve what you’d like to with your voice. Past callers have found it incredibly beneficial and I know you will too and you can do it right from the comfort of your own home!

The next Session Singing Uncovered: Live online hangout is on the 10th January, 8pm GMT 2017. Get your invitation after you download the book here.

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