About MVT

My Vocal Therapy offers Vocal Therapy Coaching to recording artists.

I help recording artists sing amazingly with way less effort and also help them to become empowered. Empowered artists make way better choices around their careers and also deliver better vocals. 

This is more than just vocal coaching; it’s vocal training and mindset training combined. Artists who operate in their fullest power never need to numb pain using alcohol and drugs thereby sabotaging their careers.

The voice, mind and body are trained to be in harmony and work together to help singers reach vocal heights never seen before. All sessions have a goal setting emphasis which move vocalists forward at a rapid rate.

Vocal Therapy Coaching helps recording artists take their craft to the next level!

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Please see below a breakdown of the service packages and how I can help

mvt Stage packages are all about Vocal Therapy Coaching solutions for artists who are in the studio, on tour or prepping for that all-important gig.

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