Breakthrough Program

The Breakthrough Program

Most people approach the singing voice by learning new technique. Sure, it’ll help you improve but there’s something missing with this approach. In order to be a superstar and impact the world you have to become the most powerful version of yourself and let that be the new normal. You have to transform, not just sing well.

Vocal work without mindset cultivation and spiritual alignment is futile.

In The Breakthrough Programme you will discover the truth of who you truly are. You are a creative genius who’s magic will shape shift the entire world. THAT is who you truly are.

In this 3 month experience I will show you how to use your genius to create your voice full of richness, power, agility and ease.

I will help you use your powers to create opportunities in the music industry so you lay the world at your feet and stop waiting for the music industry to give you what you want

So do you just want singing lessons or do you want to finally wake up?

What if your voice could sound as rich, agile, controlled and as full as you want it to be?

What if you fell so in love with your gift that heightened vocal ability just poured out of you?

What if you could be so deeply connected to your magic that songs flowed out of you… and you actually completed and released them?

What if you could connect to your internal genius, your unique magic and make power strides in your voice and career?

What if you could start believing in the truth of how amazing and powerful you are?

What if you could throw off limitations and start deliberately creating opportunities for yourself instead of hoping and waiting?

It’s time to BREAKTHROUGH!!

Introducing The Breakthrough Programme …

During my studies (Psychology BSc) I went from being an intensely shy person to finally realising that life wasn’t happening TO me it was happening BECAUSE of me! So I decided to create what I wanted!

I am so grateful that because of that decision to operate in power and not fear, I have experienced singing with super stars such as Adele, Smokey Robinson and Jennifer Hudson all over the world. 

Vocal Therapy is a combination of vocal training, mindset cultivation and spiritual alignment.

I have delivered and designed master classes and courses for vocal students at Point Blank,The Academy of Contemporary Music, Access to Music, BIMM and City University since 2003. 


“I’ve never felt this calm 12 minutes before stage!” Rita Ora, after our session, the day she hosted the MTV EMAs

On This 3 Month Breakthrough Program

You will start singing in ways you’ve always dreamed of – with more control, stamina and range using WAY less effort

You will STOP sabotaging yourself with doubt, procrastination and experiencing body breakdown in the form of colds and flu (these things are all linked)

You will come face to face with how POWERFUL you are (it may scare the sh@# out of you – in a good way)!

I will help you be in the fullness of your creative genius in the form of songwriting and vocal delivery

You will eliminate all the limitations about why you can’t do, be and have all the things you’ve ever wanted as an artist and create what you DO want.

Here's What You Will Receive Over 3 Months

 6 Mindset Cultivation & Personal Development Sessions (Online, 1 hour each)

I will introduce you to the most powerful part of yourself; the most creative and amazing and help you embody it so you always make decisions from this place!

6 Vocal Creation Sessions (Face to face, 1 hour each)

I will give you access to your true voice full of skill, with way more richness, power, control and stamina with voice altering technique!

That’s 4 sessions a month for 3 months!

Free Bonus: Unlimited support via message and voice note on WhatsApp



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