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Coaching For Artists

“I’ve never felt this calm 12 seconds before stage!” Rita Ora, after our session, the day she hosted the MTV EMAs

Help with vocal technique can’t be the only thing you want!

With just a few tweaks I can help you use your mind and voice to sing higher, deeper, with more power and more tone and control IMMEDIATELY and with waaaay less effort! That’s a given.


I’m here to help you with the sound you make and to get you in touch with your PERSONAL POWER!


The Platinum Package

**I will help you eliminate nervousness ON. THE. SPOT.**
**I’m here to help you never get sick in your throat AGAIN so you don’t struggle through shows not sounding your best! (Nodules schmodules!)**
**You will know that you are so f$#@ng valuable that you will NEVER accept shitty deals, have people in your team that sabotage you, lose creative control of your vision nor be told who you should look like, sound like or take your eye off the ball of your finances EVER. AGAIN**
**I’m here to help you NEVER cancel tour dates because of exhaustion or vocal issues**
**I’m here to help you realise that YOU are in the power seat and not anybody else! You will extend your reach across territories and it will be way more effortless**
**I’m here to help you eliminate your anxiety and trauma; no more masking the pain through drugs and alcohol**
**I will help you to shift forward from depression and suicidal thoughts! You are worth way more than this!**
**I will help you take your performances and blow them up into the stratosphere!**
**I’m here to help you manage feeling like you’re living in a goldfish bowl; out of reach yet everybody is watching everything you do**
**I’m here to help you make more ca$h, extend your reach and dominate the world like the rock star you are!**
So tell me again… is it just vocal technique you want or nah?
I’m here to help you change your LIFE!
I’m Sharleen Linton, Vocal Therapy Coach. Life changer, Vocal King & Queen Appointer to Rock Stars, Hall of Famers and Gods and Goddesses

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve coached Rita Ora through hosting the MTV EMAs, toured the globe and sung with superstars such as Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson, Adele, John Legend, Nile Rogers and many others! In that time I saw that there wasn’t anybody in the team to help the artist move past the specific challenges they face and yes, I’ve been compassionately frustrated about that on your behalf! I’ve also designed and delivered courses, vocal training and masterclasses in music schools nationwide since 2003. 
I am a Vocal Therapy Coach (Psychology BSc) and a qualified EFT Practitioner. EFT (or tapping) stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a psychological form of acupuncture (without the needles). It’s used to release negative emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY. Vocal Therapy Coaching is a powerful combination of EFT and voice training. You’ll be amazed how quickly the voice responds and your ability increase ON THE SPOT because you’re using the correct technique AND you’ve let go of the negative state of mind which was holding your voice back!
If you are a recording artist who isn’t singing effortlessly, growing exponentially AND incredibly happy in this industry then I am here to help.


  1. You’ll be able to access every single part of your range with clarity and control when you want it, on command! You’ll even be able to rely on your mix register when you’re feeling fear or fatigue
  2. I’ll show you hacks to use so you release nervousness IMMEDIATELY and you won’t ever have to strain your voice, especially if you’re already feeling tired or anxious. You’ll be way more relaxed when you sing!


3.  Your voice will develop new vocal chops and flexibility and your breath control will expand. You will feel your voice grow in stamina and it won’t wear out when you need it most! No more cancelling shows because you need voice rest! 

4. I will show you how to improve your vocal delivery ON THE SPOT with a few powerful tweaks! Growth doesn’t have to be slow and gradual!


5.  No matter what drama and politics the industry throws at you, no matter how hard you work, you’ll remain peaceful, calm and stress-free with a few techniques! 

6.  Don’t let the outside world stress you out! The sales numbers, the haters, the critics, the family drama, industry b*llocks and the social media trolls. I will help you stay balanced and centered through it all!

This Is How I Serve You

I offer you vocal support at:

  • Sound checks
  • Recording sessions
  • On tour
  • Online (via video conference call)
  • Rehearsals

My UK day rate is £777 GBP

My international day rate is £877 GBP