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Coaching For Speakers

This Is How To Speak And Create Your Dream Life

What I’m about to share with you is the difference between you being some speaker somewhere and a powerful orator who goes down in history.

Your powerful TED talk that has been viewed all around the world. Standing ovations. Rapturous applause in the boardroom from your superiors and peers. People reposting the moment from your talk that changed their entire lives. That call from Oprah. Being truly seen at work for your brilliance and getting that promotion. 

You get to introduce people to the very moment their lives changed. Which means that you have a great responsibility to get your energy in a pristeen place so that you can serve and do it well.

Your anxieties, nerves, imposter syndrome, ‘fake it till you make it’ corporate sheen and other ways you sabotage yourself all need to be transformed in order for you to have that arrow-like precision in terms of impact.

Your Vocal Code

When I hear people speak, I hear the energetic frequencies of their speaking and singing voices. This is called a Vocal Code. Within your Vocal Code are all of your characteristics and belief systems. They let me know where you are sabotaging yourself and playing small and where you are thriving.

Your Vocal Code is the provider of all the information you need in order to create your vision and I support you in aligning with the version of you that fulfills your plans and visions effortlessly.

Just like handwriting can be read and it shows a lot about the writer, to the trained eye, I do the same for people’s voices. When people listen to you speak, they are always responding to energy from which you are speaking. 

The energetics of authority, compassion, confidence, magnetism and leadership are what people need in order to trust and respect you. Those frequencies get overshadowed by fear and doubt. All saboteur characteristics do and they show up in how your voice sounds.

My purpose here is to help you cultivate those energetics that not only win over people whilst you’re talking but which also unlock doors for your success.


Who Am I?

I’m Sharleen Linton, the Vocal Alchemist. I work with public speakers, recording artists and singers and I give you exquisite speech technique from the angle of helping you to BECOME the type of speaker who is successful.

I’ve coached artists such as Rita Ora, sung with stars such as Adele, Smokey Robinson and Jennifer Hudson as well as coaching public speakers and countless singers.

People are always responding to the energy you may not even realise you’re putting out there.

Using volume, projection and clever alliteration alone doesn’t help you feel authoratitive. If you don’t feel you ARE the authority, people won’t believe you are either.



I wanted to find greater sense of power in my voice and I wanted to have a greater presence when I speak. I also felt like I wanted to be more comfortable with myself and my voice, in particular.

Sharleen’s programme gave me some useful tools to center my voice in a deeper, stronger place. It helped me to build a greater sense of confidence and poise.

The answer is a resounding yes to recommending this to my colleagues! 

Roun, IT Consultant

This Is For You

This is for video marketers who desire to exude confidence and charisma on camera so you can establish yourself as the expert and grow your community.

The team member who wants to exude authority and confidence in your team meetings so you can stand out in your brilliance and get promoted.

The key note speaker who desires to hear your audience say “your talk helped me to breakthrough and uplevel in my life” and have your talk viewed the whole world over.

Here's How Your Speech Delivery Will Transform

I will give you a full Vocal Code breakdown where I will show you all the energetic frequencies in your voice, manifesting as characteristics and core beliefs which are currently shaping your speech delivery and your life. 

Then I will help you alchemize and completely transform so you become the person who creates your vision effortlessly and you will hear a difference in your voice immediately!

I will give you technique training and speech practice alongside charisma and confidence techniques which will feel like a natural extension of the real you!

I will help you cultivate the essence of authority in your being and in your voice so that your audience accept you as the authority with no resistance!

I will teach you how to be magnetic and how to pull an audience into you, even if you have a naturally soft voice. No more trying to project to an audience who you secretly believe won’t pay you any mind unless you’re louder in volume!

I will help you discover how to radiate such warmth and positivity so that your audience want what you have and hang onto your every word!


I will help you shift the atmosphere of a board room so your pitch and presentation connects in a way that helps you get noticed, promoted and preferential treatment



I will help you shift the energetic frequencies of your voice away from fear and analysis to deep resonance and conviction. This is the energy of SALES and CONVERSION.



I will help you impact a room to the point of standing ovations – not out of politeness – but because you have truly SHIFTED and INFLUENCED them



I will help you become a TRUE ORATOR. Not someone who knows how to spin fake news but a speaker who goes down in history for the ability to encourage change in the world.

Work With Me

Work With Me One To One:

I am offering 3 month containers of transformation for my one to one clients.

This includes:

9 sessions (3 sessions per month) via video conference call

Free support outside of sessions via walkie talkie app, Voxer

Full pay price: £15K GBP.

Instalment price:  A deposit of £7K and two further payments of £7K per subsequent months.

If you are a firm YES to working with me, I am offering you a free consultation. Please hit the blue contact button on this website or contact sharleen@myvocaltherapy.com to set one up.

Either a full payment or deposit payment will be required to be paid on the call.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is for up to 10 participants:

  • 3 sessions, once weekly, via video conference call.
  • Vocal Code readings.
  • Vocal Alchemy to increase confidence, authority and magnetism.
  • Speech training and presentation training.
  • Free recording of all trainings is available for your review.

Please watch out for announcements for group coaching dates!

Full payment price: £997

Instalment payment plan: Deposit of £444 plus 2 more payments of £444. All payments must be complete before coaching date starts.

Group Speaker Training Instalment Plan
  Number of payments 3
  Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £444.00 GBP
Every 1 week (x 2) £444.00 GBP
Total £1,332.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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