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21 Apr 2020

‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway’ Is Problematic For Public Speakers


Here’s why I got tired of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Seriously. Enough already. I got tired of feeling scared, period.

I recall very few times in my career when I wasn’t afraid. It’s the most illogical yet insidious thing.
I always knew I could sing. And I have always been using my speaking voice to teach and lecture since 2003. I’ve been doing public speaking since I was in secondary school.

But the fear remained. To the point you couldn’t convince me I didn’t have some sort of anxiety disorder.

I knew how to PLAY a part. I knew how to get on the microphone and act confident… but it never truly translated deep down. (It’s the reason why I will NEVER teach ‘fake it till you make it.’ It’s a sure fire way to live with imposter syndrome for the rest of your life. )

But guys.. I got tired of even feeling scared in the first place. I got tired of pretending I was okay all the time. So I did a very deep self-development/spiritual dive in the form of mentorship and coaching.

  • I forgave anyone and everyone.
  • I forgave myself.
  • I re-wrote the story of trauma from the past (honestly… I can truly say that I feel zero pain if I do happen to remember anything from the past)
  • I listened to my mentor and did everything she said.
  • I started a journey of being more responsive and less reactive
  • I started to become embodied in my femininity and realised how powerful I really am


And then fear ceased being an issue

  • I genuinely stopped giving a f!@# about what people thought of me
  • I started being way more purposeful
  • I became way more creative.
  • I discovered a brand new spiritual gift – I can hear people’s belief systems and characteristics in the energetic frequencies of their speaking voice (top, middle and bottom frequencies all mean something specific about the type of person somebody is.

So, even if you were talking to me about your favourite ice cream flavour I can hear the type of person you are just from the sound of your voice and not from the contents of what you’re talking to me about.

  • I discovered that I could hear from the sound of people’s voice. What they were dealing with in their lives… things I was not privy to before! (again, I wasn’t discerning these things from the content of what they were saying but from the frequency of the voice itself.
  • My speaking and singing voice started to warm up more in tone. It became richer and more chocolatey (and if you know me well you know I love me some chocolate)
  • I learned the secrets of being magnetic on stage
  • I discovered the codes of authority in my speaking voice and how to truly live this all the way to my bones…

And now I coach other people to BE what they are trying to portray so they are in full integrity and move past fear. You have a deep responsibility to fully embody what you are speaking about. You will find yourself being listened to more intently and people in your corporation will seek out your advice!

Fear gets in the way of you being a true leader and truly stepping into your authority as the expert. Yes, there are going to be times that you ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, however, what I’m offering here is a real life testimonial of the step beyond fear – and that’s true embodiment of your personal power where fear starts to die.

Your voice isn’t just your voice. It’s the sound of your entire soul, your memories, your character traits and how you see the world and once you master how to use your voice, you literally get to create the world as you want to see it.

This is Vocal Alchemy.

If you desire to work one-on-one with me to cultivate the tones of authority and magnetism in your speaking voice and completely transform your presence on the podium and in the boardroom, you can click here

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