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5 May 2020

Masterclass & Live Coaching Event

So here’s the truth. If you’re a singer waiting for lockdown to lift so you can get back on stage then you are already unprepared!
The live music industry, as we’ve known it, has changed form and will continue to after global lock down is over. People aren’t going to be rushing out to buy tickets to go to concerts. And music industry will not be using bands in the way they have been. Just naaaaahhh!
Which means YOU must shift. You muuuussstttt. Now is the time to create opportunities.
I am running an online Masterclass and Live Coaching Event for singers and you’ll discover :-
 the exact revenue streams you need to be creating RIGHT NOW so you are financially secure now and after lockdown is lifted!
Everybody and their Mama is singing online 😂. I’m going to show you exactly how to sing, be brilliant and STAND OUT!
I’ll be giving you the tools to be free from anxiety, stress and overwhelm IMMEDIATELY
You’ll discover how to open the channels of your spiritual gifts so you can connect to Source and hear the PRECISE GUIDANCE you need to avoid and overcome financial chaos!
😍😍😍PLUS … I’ll be giving you LIVE VOCAL ALCHEMY COACHING, YO! Come with your questions and get ready to have your vocals transformed!💃🏾🤤😁😍😍😍
Date & Time: 15th May, 3pm BST
Regular priced tickets at £147 are available below!

 Once purchase is complete you will get access to the link to join me in the online meeting room!

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