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I’m Sharleen Linton and I help recording artists stay on top of their game vocally and help them stay balanced and centered in the music industry. I’m a singer and Vocal Therapy Coach with 12 years experience of singing, coaching and teaching singers.
I’ve sung with the world’s greats such as Adele, Smokey Robinson, Will Young, John Legend plus many more!



My Vocal Therapy is a vocal training platform for vocalists who want to sing excellently, with more confidence and see amazing results in their singing careers!


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You will discover…..
  • Technical training tips to singing well and singing safely! orangeTick
  • Vocal tips to help your voice stay healthy and become stronger! orangeTick
  • Psychological strategies to help you overcome stress and nervousness! orangeTick
  • My top tips on how to stay centered in this competitive music industry! orangeTick