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mvt Coaching packages are all about Vocal Therapy Coaching! We provide coaching solutions for artists who are in the studio, on tour or prepping for that all-important gig.

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 packages can help you take it to the next level!

mvt One-to-One

Your space has been reserved for you. Enjoy your confidential, vocally supportive, goal setting session with undivided attention from your specially trained Vocal Therapy Coach. You’ll receive technical training along with psychological strategies to get the absolute best out of your voice. All 1 hour sessions are held in rehearsal studios based in London. Details are provided upon booking.

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mvt Skype

Out of town and out of reach? Wherever you are in the world, we can still connect! Let’s swap Skype Names. All you have to do is dial in for your 1-hour session!

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mvt On Tour

We know what it takes to promote your music and how demanding your international campaign can be. I’ll travel with you and coach you daily. You will receive a combination of the mvt One-to-One package and the mvt Show Prep package. I’ll coach you daily and assist you at your rehearsals and soundchecks on tour as required. I’ll be on hand to help your voice stay healthy and deliver night after night as well as help you release stress.

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mvt Gig Prep

I know how important your big shows are. Your voice needs to be in tip-top condition! You need to use correct technique and align your mind and your habits so you can give your best! Take the weight off your shoulders and let a Vocal Therapy Coach assist you at your rehearsals and sound checks.

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mvt Studio

In the studio, the voice becomes immortalized! Before you hit record it’s important that your voice, mind and body is ready to express itself. I’m here to guide you through the process whilst you’re in the vocal booth. Vocal Therapy Coaching will help you get your best take as your most powerful and positive thoughts are harnessed to get the best out of your voice. You will be amazed! Leave your heart and soul on the track.

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