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2 Dec 2018

The Ultimate Dream Map Experience


New Year’s Resolutions are trash! Yeah, I said it!

You said 2019 was your year but you find yourself still going to a job you hate or struggling for money, not writing songs or not feeling like you’re not expressing your full vocal potential on stage.

The reason why resolutions don’t work is because it takes way more than an action plan and some will power to make lasting changes in your life.

You decided 2018 was the year where you make big strides as an artist but you’re not where you want to be

**You said you wanted more ease and more money flow in your artistry**

**You may even want to leave your job and pursue your artistry full time**

**Do you FINALLY want to create your dream voice and dream career?**

**The ONLY way you will make your dreams a reality is threefold**

Firstly you have to BECOME the type of person who absolutely has to have what they want. Nothing else will do. PERIOD.

Secondly you must be WILLING TO LET GO of the old stories which contain the reasons why you cannot or shouldn’t have what you want.

AND you take action concurrently.

On the 18th December 2018 I am hosting The Ultimate Dream Map Experience; an online webinar with live coaching and Q&A:-

**To get you unstuck from a cycle of self sabotage, self doubt and procrastination**
**To give you the tools to create a new mindset**
**To help you create your true voice and express your true self with tips and techniques**
**To help you create a step by step action plan, Dream Map for 2019**


“My Dream Map was an amazing experience. It helped me focus in on what I need to do (or not do) to help myself achieve my dreams with ease. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs an extra push (or hug) in the right direction. “ – Krysta Youngs

The Ultimate Dream Map Experience is for artists who desire to FINALLY SHIFT and create their dreams for 2019!


Time: 7pm GMT


Price: £97

You also get a recording of the event as an added bonus!

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